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Marahiyohiyo.com was founded on September 11th 2012 by Titus Kamau who is a Blogger, Freelance Journalist and Author from Kenya. Mara Hiyo Hiyo is a Swahili word meaning there and then. We deliver News and Information to our esteemed readers on the go.

Mara Hiyo Hiyo is a site with the latest News, Views, Reviews and Interviews on Sports, Entertainment, Business, Technology, Education, Health, Religion, Fashion, Politics and Lifestyle. We cover both BREAKING and DEVELOPING NEWS in order to keep our readers on the know how.

We provide accurate, credible, factual and reliable News that suit your needs. You can access this site or Download our Android App (Mara Hiyo Hiyo News Mobile App) to access News instantly, anywhere, anytime.



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