‘Call of Duty Mobile’ Breaks Records  With 100M Installs in First Week

Tencent’s Timi Studios and publisher Activision broke mobile gaming industry records with the launch of “Call of Duty” Mobile last week.

The mobile version of the popular first-person shooter franchise, released on Oct. 1, has amassed more than 100 million downloads in its first seven days of launch, analytics firm Sensor Tower reports. That is the most downloads for any mobile title in its first week of launch.

The performance of “Call of Duty Mobile” outshines that of Nintendo’s “Mario Kart Tour”, launched on Sept. 25, which accrued 90 million downloads in its first week. Meanwhile, the two recent titles overshadow the debuts of other popular mobile offerings such as “PUBG Mobile”, which earned 28 million downloads over its first week in February 2018, and “Fortnite”‘s mobile version, which amassed 22.5 million installs over its first seven days in April 2018.

“Call of Duty Mobile” got off to a hot start last week, hitting 20 million installs within its first 24 hours. The game also pulled in $17.7 million in player spending, outpacing “Fortnite”‘s mobile debut of $2.3 million.

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