BREAKING: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Second Attempt to Trigger  Election Fails

The five-week suspension of Parliament will begin later, after MPs again rejected government calls for a snap election.

In all, 293 MPs voted for the prime minister’s motion for an early poll while 46 vote against it, far short of the number needed. The course of action required the support of two-thirds of MPs.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost its sixth vote in six days.

Earlier on Monday, opposition MPs confirmed they would not back the push for a 15 October poll, insisting a law blocking a no-deal Brexit must be implemented.

Boris Johnson has been warned he could face legal action for flouting it.

Ministers have called the law “lousy” and said they would “test to the limit” what it required of them.

At present, UK law states that the country will leave the EU on 31 October, regardless of whether a withdrawal deal has been agreed with Brussels or not.

But the new legislation, which was granted royal assent on Monday, changes that, and will force the PM to seek a delay to 31 January 2020 unless a deal – or a no-deal exit – is approved by MPs by 19 October.

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