iOS 13 Will Let You Silence Unknown Callers to Help Combat Pesky Calls

iOS 13 will bring a number of new features and enhancements for iPhone and iPod and Apple talked about a few of them during the WWDC keynote on Monday. However, there is a one nifty little feature that wasn’t highlighted by the company during the keynote but is likely to make a lot of difference to millions of iPhone users around the world. This feature is called Silence Unknown Callers. As the name suggests, the new feature is aimed at helping users avoid spam. It will be a godsend for iPhone users plagued with spam callers every day.

As per the iOS 13 features page on Apple website, Silence Unknown Callers is a new setting, which, when turned on, will use Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone from numbers in your Contacts, Mail, and Messages. It will automatically send all other calls to voicemail. This will help users avoid spam and telemarketing calls. If the feature description is any indication, all non-recognised numbers will not even ring, thus providing an uninterrupted experience to the iPhone users.

Given the calls from unidentified callers are being sent to voicemail, the iPhone users will have the option and check and listen to them later to avoid missing any important calls. The setting is likely to be less useful for iPhone users, who don’t use Mail as their default email client. As Siri won’t have access to Gmail or Outlook data, it won’t be able to recognise any professional contacts or email acquaintances whose phone number may not be saved in the phone’s contacts.

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