BREAKING: ‘Homecoming’ Documentary Comes With a Surprise: A Beyoncé Live Album

“Homecoming”, the Beyoncé concert film documentary that dropped on Netflix Wednesday, arrived with a little (or not little) surprise in tow: a two-hour, 40-track live album, available for immediate listening on all major music-streaming services.

The hefty new record, titled “Homecoming: the Live Album” and featuring recordings from Beyoncé’s headline performance at Coachella in 2018, as well as a handful of re-recordings and fresh tracks, came out shortly after midnight Pacific Time on Wednesday morning, with streaming services like Apple Music promoting the cover art just as Netflix was promoting the film; East Coast fans stumbled upon it in a 3 a.m. daze.

But while the album itself was a secret, its drop — surprising, lengthy, widely available and bundled with a major film project — represents everything we can expect these days from new music projects.

The Netflix concert film— written, directed and executive-produced solely by Beyoncé, naturally — is a carefully constructed combination of her performances from Coachella 2018’s two weekends, interwoven with intimate footage from the months of rehearsals it took to not only re-train her body post-pregnancy but also to see her complicated vision come to life. While the behind-the-scenes footage is only a fraction of the total film, Beyoncé is refreshingly candid about the hard work that it took to put the shows together. Here are five things we learned from the film.

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