How To Promote Your Business Using Instagram

Internet has really help small business to gain more customer and increase your business revenue, you can be sitting in your office and receive an order from different people all around the world, all you have to do is send their order to their address.
But finding the right customer that is interested in your business and which you can later turn to a loyal customer with an effective marketing campaign is the difficult part. Many small businesses complain of low number of customer to their website and which can lead to the death of the business if you don’t have another way of finding customer.
Within the increase in the number of people using smartphone and an increase in the amount of visitor that social media sites receive per day, you can get your website visitor through social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so many more.
In this article, I would focus my attention on how to promote your business using Instagram, the right step that you are going to take if you want to increase your website visitor. Instagram is like all social media site with so many people uploading their picture, video, and chatting with other members.
With the right strategy on Instagram, your business would increase in the number of visitors. Instagram is one of the most visited sites in the world, some many business and brand make sure of this platform to promote their brand and increase their customer base, but not every promotion on Instagram is successful, this is due to the lack of experience on the part of the business owner in finding the right audience for its business.
Instagram Business Account
Instagram business account is the very first step that every business owner should do before thinking of promoting your business. Don’t use your own personal Instagram account that you share with your friend and family.
Create a business account on Instagram and Facebook fan page of your business and link the two together. Make sure that your social media handle on Instagram and Facebook is the same to avoid confusion.
Make It Professional
Instagram can be used to drive targeted traffic to your website; if you make your business account look professional. Add business website, phone number, location and compelling bio of your business. This makes it easier for people to easily find your business website on Instagram and call to make inquiries about your business.
The media that you upload on your Instagram account should be about your business, inspirational quotes and company products and service will promoting your business by making you look professional and increasing the customer rating of your business.
Include your website link to make it easier for people to reach your site and watch as your business revenue grows exponentially.
High-quality picture and video
To make your Instagram account stand out from the rest you need to upload high-quality picture and video of your product and service. You can head over to canva, an online platform that makes it easier for people with no graphic design to create picture for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, eBook cover and so many more. I explain how you can make use of this platform to Create your business logo for free without spending a dime. The pictures created are high quality and when you upload this picture on your account, you can be sure that it will drive traffic to your business.
Use relevant hashtag so that other Instagram user can search your picture and video which would boost your promotion.
Instagram Advertisement
If you really want to promote your business on Instagram to millions of people, you need to invest some money in advertisement. Instagram would show your content in front of thousands of customer depending on the amount of money you want to use to advertise on their platform. Make sure that you target your user who can buy your products and service. The money you spend on this campaign is negligible when you compare to the return on investment.
Integrate Shopping
You can turn your business page to an e-commerce site by integrating your e-commerce site with Instagram, this makes it easier for customer to make a purchase without leaving Instagram and if done correctly your business revenue would increase.
Promoting your business using Instagram is one of the few ways that new website owner use in driving traffic to their business and they don’t stop if when they achieve a higher ranking position in the SERP.

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