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Innovative Therapy Conducted by TMS Health Solutions Supported by Sociologists Research and Extensive Data

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After years of extensive research, sociologists who have been interested in discerning the individual and group level disparities in mental health outcomes have been able to compartmentalize stress processes into three components. They include sources, mediators, and manifestations of the related stress. These components can enlighten individuals who are predisposed to certain stressors and enable useful resources and innovative therapy to help them cope with stress in a productive manner. The sources of the stress factors are predominately life events, such as when an individual goes through a divorce or when there is a death of a person in a close relationship. There can also be ongoing conditions that are more chronic stressors or strains on a person’s life, such as living under economic conditions that cause hardships or those who have become widowed. The hardships can negatively affect those who have an underlying mental health condition, such as clinical depression. Researchers found that because chronic stressors will influence social group variances in mental health conditions, there was an overwhelming conclusion that those stressors have a long-term effect on psychological well-being when compared to other more common life events.

Through their research on the effect of chronic stressors and the role they play on mental health, most researchers focused on individual-levels of those stressors and strains, while examining the specific characteristics that included socioeconomic status as well as responsibilities related to everyday household duties. Recently those same researchers began focusing directly on the link that contributes to a much broader social context. While attempting to discover innovative therapy solutions through extensive and newly developed research, a stress model was used that gave a broader understanding of how a social environment illuminates certain components of impending chronic stressors, contributing to clinical depression. Researchers referred to those individual responses of chronic stressors as “ambient strains.” They further determined that any form of those responses can have a strong effect on mental health, causing severely negative outcomes. Furthermore, the new research on the direct impact of social issues showed that children living in lower-income families, higher unemployment, single-parent households as well as government subsidized housing are much worse. The research provided a much closer examination for analyzing whether a poor person or diversity plays any role in being disproportionately vulnerable to a potentially hazardous environment. The research included individual-level data that was accumulated through surveys conducted by the U.S. Census and the Toxic Release Inventory. Within the data, researchers were able to distinguish that residential proximity, in addition to factors related to industrialized activity, had a disproportionately negative effect on mental health conditions. The result of the impact was either direct or considered as being mediated by an individual’s discernment of personal powerlessness and considered to be widespread among minorities and poor individuals, whereas for non-minorities and wealthier individuals it was nearly nonexistent.

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As a dedicated team of clinicians and professional staff, TMS Health Solutions believes research and education plays a vital role in successfully treating mental health conditions. TMS Health Solutions is committed to providing the most advanced therapies in the world, such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). With 2,000 to 3,000 TMS therapy treatments conducted yearly, the team remains devoted to helping each individual’s personal mental health journey.

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