FA Cup Fifth Round Draw

Date Match Feb 17-18 Sheffield Wednesday vs Notts County/Swansea City Feb 17-18 West Bromwich Albion vs Southampton Feb 17-18 Chelsea vs Hull City Feb 17-18 Leicester City vs Sheffield United Feb 17-18 Huddersfield Town/Birmingham vs Manchester United Feb 17-18 Millwall/Rochdale vs Newport County/Tottenham Feb 17-18 Brighton and Hove Albion vs Coventry City Feb 17-18 Wigan […]


Uhuru’s New Cabinet

*Cabinet Nominees* *1. Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs* CS – Margaret Kobia CAS PSYG – Rachel Shebesh PS PS&Y – Lilian Omolo PS Gender – Safina Kwekwe *2. Ministry of Petroleum and Mining* CS – John Munyes PS Petroleum – Andrew Kamau Ng’ang’a *3.Ministry of Devolution and ASAL areas* CS – Eugene […]


53 Organic Living Tips

Faucet water contains fluoride in all 50 states. Purchase a reverse osmosis filter to remove it. A Britta filter won’t be enough. Chlorine in water will evaporate after a few hours. Just leave it in a filter or jug in your fridge overnight. Though Nalgene bottles are BPA-free, they’ve been found to leech other chemicals. […]

Health & Nutrition

41 Health Tips

  Most people are dehydrated (especially in winter areas where you have to heat your home) so do drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Got a headache? Try drinking a couple of glasses of water first before reaching for the aspirin. Inhaling and drinking a cup of black coffee can help stop mild asthma attacks […]