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Mara Hiyo Hiyo Undercover: Beware of Bundles Mwitu

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In this modern world of technology, data bundles have become a basic human need. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have been keeping people busy online, for long hours. The future of work is online and many young people are resorting to online jobs, thus the inflated need of having more and affordable data bundles.

With data companies like Safaricom, Airtel and Orange offering rather expensive bundles, the race for Bundles Mwitu, as they call it began. Let me say that there are genuine dealers and scammers all the same. The most difficult part is discerning the scam. For this reason and blacklisting bundles mwitu scammers, we should raise an alarm whenever one is scammed.

Scammers usually prey their victims on social media before making the move. This mostly happens on Facebook and Whatsapp groups. Karen (0724040631) and Liz (0791278295) became victims of these scammers who infiltrated my Whatsapp Betting Club group using a join link . They pretended to be fellow gamblers and offered to sell affordable Safaricom and Airtel data bundles for members of the group.

The ladies fell into the trap as one of them sent Sh. 1000/= and the other Sh. 500/= to Gabriel Luigi Sewe (0715 366 557) and Henry Mugambi Nyaga (0722 506 881). They had promised to send the bundles after payment but after the MPESA confirmation message, both culprits switched their phones off only to get back online periodically.

Beware of Gabriel and Henry as they are in almost every Facebook group, ready to pounce on another victim. Also do business with close and trusted associates only, not anybody you meet online. Share this article widely and let’s expose the two for their crimes! If you have been a victim of such a scam, share your experience in the comments section.

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