It’s time to mind about people with mental health issues

Photo Credit [Mind My Mind Initiative] 
With 80% of Kenyan population being below the age of 35 years and 22% of youth being unemployed, depression is on the rise. Statistics show that 1.9 million Kenyans are depressed and more than 7,000 of those depressed commit suicide every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) report of 2016 indicates that 800,000 people commit suicide annually around the globe.

Mind my mind initiate calls upon people to care about other people’s mental health as they do about other things. This cause is suitable for everyone especially those with special skills such as poets, writers, spoken word artists, musicians, and photographers.

We should stand out, speak out and stop stigma. People with mental health issues need to be loved, protected and supported for them to fit in our society. Remember that stigmatization leads to depression which in turn leads to committing suicide. Let’s be there for them and give them a reason to smile, probably to live. No one chooses to have a mental problem. It can affect anyone especially family and friends.

This initiative is founded by Stephen Siloma  who is a Blogger, Inspirational Writer, Web Designer, Photographer and Digital Strategist. To join, follow @Silomasays and @M3MovementKE on twitter without forgetting #M3Movement .Also you can visit the Mind My Mind website  to find more information.


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