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The Ten Commandments of Love

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1. You shall not have any other sweet heart apart from me. Am jealous.
2. You shall not have any other lover’s image to compare me with in the name of love. Every love is unique in its kind.
3. You shall not misuse our love by taking advantage of my weaknesses. Meekness is not weakness.
4. Remember our dates and make them special. You are the joy of my heart.
5. Honour my father and mother so that our love may live long. Charity begins at home.
6. You shall not kill our love dreams. You are my helper.
7. You shall not commit adultery, i hate cheaters. Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know.
8. You shall not steal from me instead tell me your needs. True love shares.
9. You shall not ashame me before people by talking about our personal problems to our friends. True love cares.
10. You shall not covet other people’s lovers because of their standard or appearance. Am the best of them all.

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