Sophie Randall thanks her followers and wishes the incumbent all the best

Sophie Randall for MCA GilGil Ward 2017

I take this opportunity to thank my teams for the tremendous work they all did. I dont see this as a loss but a good lesson learnt for me. I spent alot of resources but am happy I made this decision to try. If i didnt do it now i would still do it in 2022 because it was a burning desire that has been within me for quite a long time.

The bible says in Proverbs 22:1 A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold – I know that i restrained myself and my supporters from abusive politics; i stood for peace, dignity, respect and most of all loyalty to my God and those I interacted with.  Those who were very close to me have been crying because they know who I am; they got the best of me. In everything I did, I didnt see any competition because each day I woke up to go out there and do better than the previous day; i was competing to be better at what i did. I believe that many great ideas remain just that because the ones who held them were timid enough to try or could not stand being laughed at. I was laughed at, ridiculed and called names but I was encouraged to go on by friends like Bamdogo who is mostly indoors because he cannot move alot; the youths in Bondeni, Kambi Somali, Leleshwa, DOT and other areas whose issues have been neglected for so long believed I could make a difference in their life if elected. Others supported me because of one thing or another; my determination to make a change is not dead; I can do it even if not in a political office, its a calling that I am committed to fulfil.  I started a virgin at politics but i am now triumphant because of what I have achieved.  There are areas that need improvement but that is left for another day.

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I did not get enough votes to get first position but in life there is always someone doing better than you; those who won did better than I. It is them that I congratulate for a good job.

As I go on with my work and life I hold my head high knowing that I never failed my God nor the memory of my father. I may have failed my husband, children or family for not being able to balance my time but today am happy to be with them, spend time together, recover time lost and bond

I wish all Gilgilians the best; I pray that Jane will serve the people of Gilgil better than she did in the last 4-5 years. So long…. Sophie Randall

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