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1.Lack of funds
This was evident as some lacked basic campaign materials and when they did get ,it could not effectively serve the purpose.

2.Lack of strategic partnerships and linkages .
Campaign’s do need some linkages with key stakeholders in the different facets of the intended jurisdiction ,but some aspirants never saw this need hence the failure to strike the emotions of the electorates.

3.Campaigning for other candidates.
This was a habit with majority of MCA aspirants who took their sweet time talking about senatorial and gubernatorial aspirants and leaving their campaigns in tatters.
This made some to be labelled as spanner boys for other candidates .

4.Arrogance and know it all attitude .
This was a bigger issue with first time politicians and the ones who enjoyed good rapport with the “king makers”.This are the aspirants you could not advise and saw their idea as alpha and omega .They also were not conversant with the needs of the electorates and imagined the problems facing the constituents without trying to find out if it was the correct version.

5.Lack of contingency planning.
When faced with a challenge ,the aspirant could use the same method to try and solve it which led to failure .

6.Cronies in the campaign teams and strategic teams.
This was the biggest undoing to all aspirants who failed .
Some had their girlfriend’s and boyfriends in the strategic committees which had the backlash of seeing everything as “normal”
Instead of investing in setting of proper teams ,a shortcut was divised to solve the shortfall.
Campaign’s are expensive to support and it was better to avoid such arrangements than have a “useless ” one.

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7.No development records.
This was major issue to incumbents .Some struggled to explain what they did in the 4 years and resorted to bluffing when narrowed down.

This is what made most incumbents to loose their seats.
It was alleged that children from poor backgrounds got around 2k to 3k in bursaries but those from rich and affluent families got around 30-40k in bursaries.
Another issue was applicants who were not from the GEMA communities had their names on the the list of beneficiaries but no cheques to support it.When asked ,most MCA ‘s alleged that it was an error during the selection process and that it would be rectified “next time”.
Another case,it was alleged t that an MCA demanded for conjugal “rites” inorder to issue the cheques.The reports were however not verified .

9.alienating the youths .
For incumbents ,immediately they got elected ,they saw the youths as a nagging lot and avoided them like plagues .The youths also reciprocated in kind during the nominations.

10.comfort zone attitudes “kura yangu ni yako,you are the leading candidate ,nani kama wewe,…..tosha ”
These terms made some aspirants fall into the comfort zone trap and saw their bids as a success already ,not knowing what was awaiting them .

These are lessons that should be learnt by aspirants ,do your best during campaigns and wait for the verdict but don’t wait for the fake endorsements then regret after the polls

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