Press statement from GilGil Parliamentary aspirant, Honourable Martha Wangari

Nominated Senator and Jubilee Party candidate for Member of Parliament GilGil Constituency, Martha Wangari Photo Credit [the-star.co.ke]
I know I have been keeping so many of you waiting on the results in Gilgil constituency.
Now, we have been in the tallying centres the whole day today. Despite the obvious irregularities that we noted and reported , the RO still went ahead to announce the incumbent as a winner with 14,383 and myself 14,031.
We already contested the results and had evidence to massive ballot stuffing……we have already launched a case with the tribunal.
However, I wanna thank all the Gilgil voters who vigilantly stood to support me despite the smear campaigns and machinations. I thank you for believing in me and supporting my dream. To all the sponsors God bless you .
I know there were so many stakeholders to my running for MP Gilgil constituency.
I pray for patience as we pursue with the appeal with the Jubilee party. But am proud to have inspired so many of you by my running and offering myself for this position.
God bless.

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