Mohamed Ali appeals Nyali parliamentary nominations results

KTN Investigative Journalist for the Jicho Pevu expose show, and Nyali Parliamentary aspirant Mohamed Ali Mohamed has successfully appealed the results of last week’s election nominations.

Mohamed Ali lost the ODM parliamentary ticket to Said Abdallah with 2873 votes against 3672.

Ali cited rigging and electoral irregularities for his defeat and wants the party to conduct fresh nominations. He argued that ODM registers were not used in 11 polling stations, most people used only their IDs, there were marked ballot papers, intimidation and violence in some locations. He even claimed that he didn’t vote.

ODMs National Elections Committee resolved that the results be nullified for it was a closely contested election which saw only a difference of 799 votes and massive election flaw. We are waiting to see when the parliamentary nominations will be rescheduled and if Mohammed Ali will claim a win as he earlier stated.

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