10 reasons that will make Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua lose

Nakuru County Governor, Kinuthia Mbugua Photo Credit [softkenya.com]
1. After evicting hawkers in Nakuru he said he didn’t want another term.
2. Under his leadership Nakuru county performed poorly, being no. 43 out of 47 counties.
3. He can’t explain what he has done with the 45 billion he received from the exchequer.
4. He dodged all public forums to avoid answering questions from Nakuru residents. That is he runs away from responsibility.
5. He continued to defend two of his senior officials involved in scams, who have been impeached by the county assembly .
6. Hiring of employees without following the due process.
7. Wastage of our money making over 30 trips to owe investors abroad. No investor has ever put any single investment in Nakuru.
8. Poor and bad attitude towards youth empowerment. Lack of consideration for special groups.
9. Failure to pay supplier’s and hence under his leadership the county owes suppliers up to 3 billion.
10. Never ending wastage, increased county levies, audit queries and unexplained expenditures that total to billions. He is unaccessble , never in office or sees the public at night.

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