Why Kenya needs a President like Donald Trump

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta

Donald Trump became the 45th US President in November 2016. He had been campaigning for months on a Republican ticket, running against former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton who is a Democrat. Trump promised his supporters a couple of things he will do once in office.

I personally supported Hillary but couldn’t help myself seeing her defeat.  All in all, Trump is now the US President. I was against 90% of his policies but the Republicans carried the day. From there onwards Trump hit the ground running and signed many policies in his oval office within 100 days.

Many of us can be mad after seeing President Donald Trump sign the executive order restricting certain nations and people from travelling to the United States. But here I come and rush to his defense! I don’t support banning of immigrants and deportation of Muslims from America either.  Everything Trump has been doing is fulfilling his campaign promises, nothing more. He sold his policies to the American people and they expected him to fulfill them after he won. He is doing exactly that!

Back to Kenya, our politicians promise us heaven when they can’t deliver anything on earth. They sooth us with every kind of fantasies and lies but when they clinch their seats, we become a forgotten lot. Is it about political maturity or growth in democracy in the United States? We are yet to find that out but we have a real situation in Kenya. Politicians use and abuse our fundamental rights during the campaign period like this one, only to forget us for another 5 years until they surface again and recycle their manifesto.

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If our politicians could just keep their promises like US President Donald Trump, Kenya could grow from a middle class economic state to an African powerhouse. With devolution starting to bear fruits, employment and economic empowerment could be on the rise.  If our politicians could just deliver on their campaign promises, Kenya can be great for once.

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