Boniface Mwangi for MP in Starehe Constituency, 2017

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Why I am vying?
I am vying for the parliamentary seat of STAREHE constituency because I want to take the fight from the streets into the chambers where decisions are made. I want to echo the people’s voice in spaces where they have been ignored for too long. I have relentlessly challenged the establishment for their failed governance. Now I want to continue with the fight from the inside.
I am a Patriot, an Activist, and a Change maker. I grew up in Starehe and lived there for 13 years.
I have worked in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD),both formally and informally my entire life. While my work has given me both a national and global outlook into issues, my ‘roots’ give me a strong footing in this constituency.
My approach is two-pronged.
I will lead by example by accepting a 50% reduction to my salary. As l wait to present the bill in parliament to reduce the salaries, the Starehe people and I will decide what the 50% of my salary reduction will be used for.
1. Push for the reduction of salaries and number of representatives. The majority of Kenyans are not rich people, and we can no longer afford to pay outrageous salaries and benefits to public officials. It does not make sense for 45 million Kenyans to spend more than ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT BILLION SHILLINGS (108,000,000,000) per year on salaries and allowances for 67 senators, 349 members of the National Assembly and 2,526 Members of county assembly. Kenyans are overrepresented and l shall push for the reduction of the number of MPs and MCAs.
The media should push to make the MPs’, MCAs’, and Senators’ 50% pay-cut part of the agenda in this campaign period. H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. Raila Odinga should also make the pay-cut agenda part of their manifestos.
2. Vehicle Grants, Vehicle Loans and Mortgages: Every MP and Senator gets a non-repayable grant of 5 million shillings to buy a car, and has the choice to get a loan of 7 million more shillings for the same purpose. Why should we pay them hefty salaries and then buy them cars? Parliament and senate has 416 members (both elected and nominated) translating to the tax payer spending 4.9 BILLION SHILLINGS FOR LUXURY CARS. This is legalized theft!
3. Illegal Sitting Allowances: On top of their hefty salaries, MPs are, also paid sitting allowances’ for every parliament or committee session. Every time an MP or Senator goes to parliament to do their job, they get 5000 shillings. Parliament sits twice daily, in the morning and afternoon, for 4 days a week. This means that an MP is paid 160,000 shillings per month on top of their basic salary to do their actual job. Then they are paid up to 10,000 shillings for attending committee meetings. And they can have as many committee meetings as they like. This is theft!
4. State Protection: Every MP is entitled to one bodyguard. Some have more. For a country with a low police to population ratio, more than 1/8th of the police service is dedicated to VIP protection. Why should MPs have bodyguards? Isn’t the country safe? MPs do not do dangerous work – unless they consider serving Kenyans a risky job.
The 999 emergency numbers should always work and emergencies promptly responded to. This requires that the police live and work in humane conditions, are well paid, and their service cars fueled. They should live amongst civilians to ensure the safety of the citizens, not just a few individuals.
5. Unreasonable Medical Cover: MPs and Senators have a 10-million-shillings medical cover. The medical scheme covers their spouses and up to four children under the age of 25. Inpatient is Sh10 million, outpatient Sh300, 000, maternity up to Sh150,000, both dental and optical up to Sh75,000. This should be scrapped. Any person occupying public office should use the same facilities as the people who elect him/her. How else would they improve the health sector if they never interact with it?
6. Public Wealth Declaration: Public declaration of wealth by everyone occupying public office is a legal requirement that should be complied with. We must ensure that only people with integrity are vying for election. Anyone accused of corruption, misappropriation of public resources, drug trafficking, should be rejected by the voters. Even if criminals sneak into the ballot papers, we must protect the future of our children by denying them our votes.
My service delivery commitment is as enshrined in article 43 of the Kenya constitution. 1) Every person has the right– (a) to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care; (b) to accessible and adequate housing, and to reasonable standards of sanitation; (c) to be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality; (d) to clean and safe water in adequate quantities; (e) to social security; and (f) to education.
Our forerunners fought for the new constitution. I commit to its full realization. I will ensure the people of Starehe have access universal free health care services, good housing, good education, infrastructure and security.
Without theft and wastage, the people of Starehe can access jobs, water, sanitation, security, food, education, and health. I will be doing a Starehe listening tour from February 2017 to hear the people’s struggles and aspirations. I will explain how l will work with the Governor of Nairobi and MCAs to deliver good services to Starehe people. After the end of the listening tour I shall unveil my manifesto for Starehe and officially launch my campaign.
As the most notoriously corrupt parliament term comes to an end, I urge every voter to join me in actualizing these demands. Demand that those vying be willing to take a 50% pay-cut, have no bodyguards, no private medical cover and no free car grants. The public should rally to vote for those who agree to these demands. I know MPs will resist the pay cut but I shall not relent.
The media should spotlight the need for MPs, MCAs, and Senators to take a pay-cut. Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga should not be exempt.
Kenya is broke. We cannot afford to pay MPs outrageous salaries at the expense of doctors, teachers, and police officers. Kenyans deserve better.
Register to vote in Starehe and elect me as MP. I pledge to remain: Consistent. Courageous. Patriotic. A fighter. Roho Juu!
How can you help? To run a successful campaign, I need your support. Register and commit to Vote, Volunteer and Donate.
Register: Register or change the constituency you vote in during the mass voter registration that starts on 16th January to 15th February 2017. Starehe has the following electoral wards, Nairobi Central, Ngara, Pangani, Ziwani/Kariokor, Landimawe, Nairobi South (South B-Mukuru slums).
Volunteer and Donate:
You can volunteer to knock on doors or share my message on social media and with your neighbours, family and friends.
Donate to my campaign. You can make a contribution in form of time, money, T-shirts, laptops and phones for my campaign team – any effort that will make my candidacy a success.

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