What Buy America, Hire America means

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Since his election as President of the United States (POTUS)in November 2016, Donald Trump has been in the centre of controversy regarding new immigration laws.

He signed an executive order early this year blocking the entry of Muslim immigrants and nationals from seven countries. When interviewed , the President said that he was just delivering on his campaign promises.

Trump had a lot of campaign promises but the main one was making ‘America great again’. How will this be done? As you can remember on his inauguration speech, the 45th US President emphasized on one policy – Buy America, Hire America.

The policy is now effective in many US states as whites now buy from fellow American shops and only hire Americans. This wasn’t the case years back as everyone had an American dream and the US was considered ‘no man’s island’. It’s true to say that acquiring a US Visa is now hard but getting a job if you are a foreigner is even harder. Welcome to the #TrumpEra.

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