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Mara Hiyo Hiyo Undercover: article writing scam exposed

The profile picture of George Cloony on Skype

A month ago I was bidding online on trying to locate article writing gigs. I came across a job titled: Article writers wanted. There were over 10 bids already when I submitted mine and received a notification 24 hours later that I had been assigned the job.

My new boss, who told me he will be my direct client, was George Cloony. He was born on 5th February 1970 in Denver, US. He had managed to entice me via his email [] to work for him privately and send the articles exclusively via Skype. His Skype ID was live: george.cloony_1

I didn’t have a problem with that and started writing for him. I was supposed to write 10 500 words articles per day, Monday through Friday. That week I was quite busy and requested to work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and write at least 5 articles per day. George Cloony accepted and I ended up writing over 15 articles in those 3 days. I was supposed to receive $ 18 for a 500 words article but some articles were 700 and 1000 words long.

Pay day came that Friday and I requested for his invoice email to write my $ 200 invoice as we had agreed. I had already finished my 5 articles on that Friday night and he had approved them all 2 hours later. It was around midnight when I contacted him for payment and that was the last time I saw him online.  Gosh! I had been scammed my hard earned money.

Scammers such as George outsource work on other freelancing sites and post them on guru in order to prey on unsuspecting freelancers. They prefer to work directly with freelancers so that you can trust them to be direct clients. Never agree to work on a site which doesn’t hold the money for you until your article is approved to get paid. I strongly prefer writing for companies with escrow protection system. Stay away from article writing scam and look for genuine writing companies.

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