It’s your constitutional right to vote

IEBC also set to launch Diaspora voter registration on February Photo Credit [I Heart Africa]
Campaigns are back! This being an election year in Kenya, politicians have already started going from town to town soliciting for votes in a disguise of voter education. We can see them coming with big flashy cars, black suit bodyguards and a couple of hand outs.

That being said, the second IEBC massive voter registration began on January 16th going all the way to February 14th.  The new commission headed by Wafula Chibukati and Ezra Chiloba targets to register between 4 to 6 million new voters by the said deadline. However, Kenyans have been so reluctant to go for registration prompting politicians to carry out the voter eradication themselves.

What they have been doing wrong is threatening and bribing citizens to register for the voter’s card. Some leaders have also been caught on camera telling women to deny their husbands conjugal rights if they haven’t registered. This is a big violation of the constitution because registering as a voter and voting is constitutional, but should be willingly.

Article 38 Section 3 clauses (a) and (b) of the Kenyan constitution clearly state –


38 (3) Every adult citizen has the right, without unreasonable restrictions, –

  1. To be registered as a voter;
  2. To vote by secret ballot in any election or referendum


Go and register as a voter. It is your constitutional right. Don’t do it because you are being forced or lured to. Remember, the IEBC said they won’t add more days past the deadline. Avoid the last minute rush and register today. For those who have previous voter’s card, no need for registration unless you want to change your polling station. Your Vote is your Voice!

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