You risk account closure and freezing of balance for plagiarism on iwriter


Read iWriter’s Newsletter below;

Good afternoon.
The purpose of this email is to notify you of a new policy that has been put into place, effective immediately.
At iWriter, we take plagiarism very seriously. It is of utmost importance that all submitted content be uniquely written for the client.
iWriter relies heavily on repeat clients. Without satisfied clients, the amount of projects posted on iWriter will slowly dwindle down to nothing, leaving our honest, talented, and valued iWriters with little to no work.
This is one of a long list of reasons why it is extremely important that ALL writers submit unique content to their clients.
We have many measures in place to prevent plagiarized content from being submitted; however, as with any online marketplace, there are those that ignore the rules and “try” to submit plagiarized content.
While it is not possible to submit plagiarized content on iWriter, the amount of manual reviewal work necessary to stop this from happening can add up, costing us a high amount of time and financial resources to keep up.
Because of this, we are forced to implement a new policy effective immediately.
If you are an honest writer, submitting unique work, this will have absolutely no negative affect on you, whatsoever. In fact, it will likely have just the opposite affect, in that you will have even more writing projects to choose from.
The policy WILL, however, affect those select few that have decided to ignore our terms of service and continue trying to submit plagiarized content on iWriter.
Our new policy provides that, if we find that a writer has submitted plagiarized content: (1) the writer’s account will be closed immediately, and (2) their remaining balance, no matter the amount, will be forfeited and not sent. These funds will be used to keep the iWriter community safe and spam free for future clients.
We have a zero [ ] tolerance [ ] policy [ ] as it relates to the submission of plagiarized content and writers will not be rewarded for engaging in such activities.
Again, this email is written for those writers that fail to follow the iWriter terms of service, and is not aimed at the vast majority of extremely valued writers that have made iWriter the largest writing platform on the planet.
I want to send a big THANK YOU to those of you that continue servicing iWriter clients in an honest, truthful manor. As that is what iWriter is all about.
For more details on this new policy, you can visit our terms of service found here:
We have BIG improvements coming to the iWriter platform in 2017. One of which includes a brand new website layout/design with much added and improved functionality. It has been a 2 year process and we are currently in the testing phase.
Thank you for putting your trust in us and we hope to partner with you in bringing you many clients over the years to come.
All the best,
Team iWriter
Bryxen, Inc.
2159 Glebe Street
Carmel IN 46032

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