527 South Koreans seek Note 7 payback from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photo/cnet.com
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Photo/cnet.com

Note 7 owners were recommended to take their phones back to the store where they purchased the defective smartphones, Xinhua news agency reported.
South Korean consumers can opt to get a full refund or exchange Note 7s with other devices, including Apple’s iPhone 7 or LG Electronics’ G5 and V20, or Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 5.
Samsung said in a statement that it will provide 100,000 won ($89) in gifts, including a 30,000-won coupon and a 70,000-won assistance for phone charges, if Note 7 owners replace their phones with Samsung products.
The 30,000-won coupon would be given to all Note 7 buyers even if they exchange their phones with other products such as iPhone 7 or the LG G5.
If Note 7 owners want to receive the full 100,000-won gift from Samsung, they are required to replace the phones with Samsung products until November 30.
The refund and exchange programme will continue by the end of this year. The programme will differ by country.

Courtesy of www.thehindu.com

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