Bastille Day attack in Nice


A lorry has driven into a crowd in Nice, southern France, leaving at least 84 people dead in what President Francois Hollande called a terror attack.
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A lorry has ploughed through a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice
At least 84 people are dead, including many children, the interior ministry says
A further 18 people are in a critical condition in hospital
The driver of the lorry was shot dead, French media report
French media reports say he was 31 and known to police
French President Francois Hollande said the country was “under the threat of Islamic terrorism”
Full story on Nice attack World leaders react to Nice attack
Live reporting
By Martha Buckley and Alex Therrien
Scene of Nice attack remains cordoned off
Here is the scene of the attack in Nice at the moment, which remains cordoned off.
French newspapers react to Nice attack
BBC Monitoring
French newspapers are struggling to come to terms with last night’s events in Nice, with many front pages carrying an image of the bullet-ridden truck on their front pages.
La Depeche du Midi reports “carnage on the Promenade des Anglais” while Paris Match describes an “apocalyptic scene” and calls Nice “a ghost town” since the incident ended.
“Nice: The horror and the panic” is the front page headline of La Depeche.
La Figaro speaks of “a new horror”.
The incident is also headline news in Russia and the Middle East.
Al-Jazeera Arabic dedicated its entire morning bulletin to coverage of the attack.
World leaders express sympathy for Nice attack victims
World leaders have joined the outpouring of sympathy for the victims of the Nice attacks.
European Council president Donald Tusk, at the Asia-Europe Meeting in Mongolia, called it “a sad day for France, for Europe”, and was one of many to point out that the attack hit on the day France was celebrating freedom, equality and brotherhood.
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Jeremy Corbyn comments on ‘shocking and horrific attack’
The Labour Party leader tweets…
British ambassador to France on his way to Nice
BBC political correspondent tweets…
Holidaymaker: All you could hear was banging and shouting and screaming
A Northern Ireland man who witnessed the attack in Nice has described the “panic” at the scene.
Paddy Mullan, who is in Nice on holiday with his girlfriend, was standing on the city’s Promenade des Anglais when he saw the truck approaching.
“This lorry just mounted the kerb, across the street from us and the next thing, all you could hear was banging and shouting and screaming,” he said.
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London mayor ‘devastated’ by ‘unspeakable’ Nice attack
Mayor of London
Devastated by this unspeakable attack on #Nice. London is united with you in our grief, and in our determination to defeat terrorism.
6:40 a.m. – 15 July 2016
‘I saw an eruption of people running’
BBC Radio 5 live head of news tweets…
Rozina Breen
“I saw an eruption of ppl running. I can’t explain my confusion, this awful feeling that overcomes you.” 17yo tourist Grace @bbc5live #Nice
5:52 a.m. – 15 July 2016
Eyewitness: ‘Nobody was moving’
Kevin Harris saw the aftermath of the attack from the balcony of a nearby hotel. He describes the strangely still scene around the lorry after the attacker was killed but before the paramedics arrived.
Listen: ‘A lot of soul searching’ in France after attack
BBC Newsday presenter Julian Keane, who is French, speaks about the mood in France following the attack in Nice.
Islamic State fighters ‘going underground’
BBC News Channel
Dr Afshin Shahi, from the University of Bradford, says it is not unusual for so-called Islamic State to not immediately claim responsibility for a terrorist attack.
He said: “We know that the Islamic State is under a lot of pressure, we know they are losing a lot of territory and as a result they are going underground.
“They have proved that as they are going underground they can become way more dangerous.”
Germany ‘stands by France in the fight against terrorism’
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, at the ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) summit in Mongolia, says Germany stands by France in the fight against terrorism.
Words cannot express what connects us with our French friends in these painful hours. This terrible attack happened on their national holiday, a holiday which is a day of pride but has now become a day of great mourning.
Angela Merkel
German Chancellor
Flowers and candles laid in Moscow for Nice attack victims
BBC Moscow correspondent tweets…
Steve Rosenberg
Outside the French Embassy in Moscow this morning, flowers & candles for the victims of the #Nice attack
5:58 a.m. – 15 July 2016
Terrorism threat ‘more diverse than ever’
Counter-terrorism specialist Margaret Gilmore, from the Royal United Services Institute, says the attack has “all the hallmarks” of being by so-called Islamic State (IS).
But she says it is also possible it was by an individual who shared the IS ideology.
What it shows is that the terrorist threat these days is more diverse than it’s ever been. It’s coming from groups and individuals who may or may not be linked, who share an ideology, and it also shows that the methodology they use is more diverse than ever. It makes the jobs for the law enforcers fighting all of this very, very difficult.”
Japan PM condemns ‘utterly intolerable’ attack
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called the attack “utterly intolerable” and “cruel”, adding that Japan “expresses its strong solidarity with France at this difficult time”.
Social reaction to Nice attack
A journalist from Le Monde newspaper says a reader has sent this drawing with the words: “Dire que l’été était arrivé” – And to think, summer had started too.
Russian prime minister expresses ‘deepest condolences to France’
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has expressed condolences to the victims of the attack.
In a message posted to Twitter, he said: “My deepest condolences to France, to all those injured and to the families of those killed in the monstrous terrorist attack in France.”
‘Three Australians injured’ in Nice attack
Associated Press
Three Australians suffered minor injuries while fleeing the scene of the attack in Nice, the country’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, has told reporters.
World ‘feels shattered’
BBC Radio 4 presenter has tweeted:
French media say 84 people dead
The French newspaper Nice-Matin is also reporting that the death toll has risen to 84 people.
Foreign Office ‘standing by’ to help Britons in Nice
The UK Foreign Office says it is “standing by” to help Britons in the French city of Nice.
A Downing Street spokesman said Number 10 was “shocked and concerned” by the attack.
Helpline for UK citizens in Nice
BBC presenter tweets…
James Menendez
If you’re a UK citizen in #Nice, here’s the Embassy in Paris’ emergency 24 helpline number +33 1 44 51 3 100 #NiceAttack
4:19 a.m. – 15 July 2016
Celebration turned to terror
It’s Bastille Day in France and it’s a moment where families gather together, people dance outside, children watch the fireworks by the beach, and it’s an international crowd because it’s a tourist area.
Catherine Guilyardi
French journalist
AFP: ‘Death toll rises’
AFP news agency is quoting the French interior ministry as saying that the death toll has risen to 84 people.
Pistol ‘fired several times’
The driver of the white truck is thought to have fired a pistol several times before being shot dead by police, AFP reports. The news agency quotes a source close to the investigation as saying that an “inactive” grenade was found inside the vehicle, as well as “several fake rifles”.
Victims’ relatives gather
Relatives of the victims have gathered in a room at the Pasteur hospital in Nice.
‘Attacker was known to police’
Reuters news agency is reporting that the attacker was known to police for common law crimes, but not to intelligence services.
Nice wakes up after night of bloodshed
It’s just after 07:00 in Nice and people are waking up to news of the aftermath of the deadly attack.
This man was on the promenade where so many people died.
Mexican senate building illuminated
The Mexican senate building has been lit up with the colours of the French flag in solidarity with victims in Nice.
‘Many children in surgery’
Several children were among the victims of the attack. Laurence Marie from the Lenval paediatric hospital, told Reuters news agency that “many” children were undergoing serious operations there.
Nice attack: What we know so far
If you are just joining us, here is what we know so far about the Nice attack:
At about 23:00 local time (21:00 GMT) a large white truck plunged into the thousands of people gathered on Nice’s Promenade des Anglais to watch the fireworks for France’s national day.
It drove about 2km (1.2 miles) through the crowd. Reports say the driver also fired shots.
At least 80 people are dead, with scores more injured.
The attacker was shot dead by police. Officials said guns and “larger weapons” were found inside the truck.
The identity of the man is not yet known, but AFP news agency reported the identity papers of a 31-year-old French-Tunisian were found in the truck, citing an unnamed police source.
President Francois Hollande said in a pre-dawn televised address that the incident was a terror attack.
Solidarity from Belgium to France
Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders tweeted this picture earlier of himself with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, saying: “On behalf of our country, I presented my condolences to my French colleague @jeanmarcayrault .”
Both men are at a summit of European and Asian leaders in Mongolia.
China ‘condemns terrorism’
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has said: “We strongly condemn terrorism of all forms. We express our condolences to the victims and we will fight all kinds of terrorism.”
Saved by a cup of coffee
French MEP Christophe Premat was at the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice with his family and thousands of other people.
He told Newsday on the BBC World Service that he believes he would have been caught up in the attack if his wife hadn’t wanted to stop for a coffee on their way home.
The celebrations ‘before the horror’
Aude Baron, a French journalist, has reposted this old tweet from the Nice authorities promoting the Bastille Day celebrations which took place “before the horror”.
The tweet reads: “This evening, from 21:30, make the most of the entertainment at the 1st Prom Party of this summer!”
It is a reminder of how unexpected this attack was.
Driver’s identity still unconfirmed
French counter-terrorism investigators are still trying to identify the driver of the lorry which hit the crowds.
Local newspaper Nice-Matin cited unnamed sources as saying he was a 31-year-old local man of Tunisian origin. It’s worth noting, however, that such reports in the wake of previous attacks have sometimes not proved accurate.
‘Attacker fired several times’
Regional President Christian Estrosi has given more details on the moments before the lorry driver was killed.
“At the moment that he was shot dead by police, he had fired several times,” he told reporters.
Officials have been saying that at least one grenade was found inside the vehicle as well as “several fake rifles”, AFP reports.
Eyewitnesses describe scenes of chaos
“It had been a normal evening and we were just walking around,” Joel Fenster told the BBC.
“Suddenly people started running, there were screams and police sirens and policemen shouting at us to evacuate.”
We have compiled a page of eyewitness reports here.
Driver ‘fired shots’
French news agency AFP tweets:
Eyewitness: ‘You could see the fear’
Will Shore, a former British serviceman, ran towards the unfolding attack on the Promenade des Anglais and helped to rescue people. He told the BBC what he saw.

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