Is this the year of the Underdogs?

A second time Chile has beaten Argentina in the finals to win the Copa America Photo/
A second time Chile has beaten Argentina in the finals to win the Copa America Photo/

Records are meant to be broken! Who thought that Leicester City would win the English Premier League at the start of the season? They were given 5000/1 odds for winning the title. A team that was languishing in relegation zone a year ago defied the odds and made history.

Chile beat Argentina on penalties to win the Copa America twice in as many years. When comparing the two teams, Chile is actually an underdog on form and with the best players in Europe. Beating Argentina once is pure luck but twice is no Coincidence. Simply put may be Zambian magic.

Portugal won EURO 2016 and surprised every football fan. They played awful football and only won one game in 90 minutes on their way to the final. Beating hosts France was just unbelievable. Many thought that after Cristiano Ronaldo’s injury in the first half , Portugal were doomed for defeat but they used that as a motivation that gave them a goal in the 108th minute, a goal scored by Eder who came in as a substitute. In a twinkle of an eye Portugal became Kings of Europe in a dramatic match full of tears; both of joy and pain.

After these unlikely wins, i as an Arsenal Fan think that this is finally our year. We last won the EPL in 2004 and we could win it this time according to the recent turn of events. To my fellow Arsenal fans, THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE UNDERDOGS and WE WILL EVENTUALLY WIN!

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