Indian PM starts his two day Kenyan tour

Indian PM Narendra Modi with President Kenyatte Photo Credit:
Indian PM Narendra Modi with President Kenyatta Photo Credit:


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reached Kenya on the final leg of his four-nation Africa tour aimed at enhancing ties with the continent after wrapping up his visit here.
Modi’s speech live
#It is a matter of great privilege and honour for all of us that President of Kenya is also among us to grace this occasion
#For me and for India, and for Indians it is a great, great honour. Its a symbol of love and affection
#Today, after what I am witnessing here, people in India must be thinking, “may be the event is taking place in India”
#I salute the organisers for organising this event in such a fine way keeping minute details in mind
#Our ancestor came here as labourers
Watch PM Modi’s live speech
# They must have only heard about Ganga, Assam. Despite this,it’s commendable that they have been able to preserve the (Indian)culture.
#When we came here, it feels like we have come to “mini Hindustan”.
#Recently, Indian-African summit took place in India, many African countries came, President of Kenya invited me to visit Kenya then.
#In his invitation,”pyar bhi tha,haq bhi tha”: PM Modi in Kenya while addressing the Indian community.
#We are those people who have considered the entire world as “one family”.
#That is why when we talk about strengthening Africa-India ties, we also think of the well being of the entire world.
#India is not a selfish nation, only bothered about ourselves. We believe in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.
#India’s real ambassadors are my Indian brothers and sisters spread all over the world.
#I have visited so many countries but never have I heard any complaint from Govts about Indians living in their respective countries.
#When I was Gujarat CM, I once visited Kerala. They organised a great feast when there was news of rains in Kutch.
#I was surprised as Kerala receives immense rains yet they did not enjoy till it rained in Kutch, such is the connection in India.
#The world is facing an economic crisis but India is growing at a quick pace.
#But we won’t be stopping here, we have to attain 8% growth rate, for which we are taking various measures.
#Last 2 years, India faced drought like situation despite this we have been able to project 7.6 % growth rate.
#Today India is transforming,its because of the dedication and determination of 1.25 billion people of India.
#We have taken various measures to make Govt accountable, to make sure that there is no lag in implementation of schemes.
# Improving the quality of life for the ordinary Indian, that is the main task of my government
First Published on: July 10, 2016 9:57 pm
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