21 al Shabaab, two KDF soldiers killed in Somalia shoot-out

A Kdf soldier in combat Photo/www.the-star.co.ke
A Kdf soldier in combat Photo/www.the-star.co.ke

The Kenyan military has reported killing 21 al Shabaab militants in a shoot-out in Afmadhow area, Somalia, on Saturday night.

A convoy of Kenya Defence Forces soldiers engaged the militants who had laid an ambush in lower Juba region, said KDF spokesman David Obonyo.

Obonyo said overpowered militants resorted to using improvised explosive devices during the “fierce engagement”, damaging one of KDF’s vehicles.

“Two KDF personnel were killed in the clash and five others injured and airlifted for medical attention,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

He said 19 AK-47 rifles, three rocket-propelled grenades and a pistol were found.

KDF soldiers under the African Union Mission in Somalia killed 19 fighters of the terror group linked to al Qaeda in an incident on Wednesday.

Obonyo said the militants had approached a camp at night with the intention of attacking and cutting off the Somali National Army from the Amisom (KDF) camp.

Ten AK47 rifles and the rocket-propelled grenades were found.

Article Courtesy of www.the-star.co.ke

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