Kenya Film Classification Board to ban Alcohol and Condom Ads which they haven’t approved

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua Photo/
Kenya Film Classification Board CEO, Ezekiel Mutua Photo/

Two TV condom adverts and two liquor advertisements have been banned for being “explicit in nature, advancing and glamourising sex among young people”.

The condom promotions are for the brands Durex and Trust. Additionally banned are promotions highlighting East African Breweries Limited’s Snapp beverage and London Distillers Limited beverages. The Kenya Film and Classification Board additionally said it has banned a notice advancing Lux cleanser and another for Fresh Fry from Pwani Oil.

The Board said the adverts portray scenes expected for grown-up crowds and ought not air amid the watershed hours of 5am to 10pm.

Chief Ezekiel Mutua said sponsors and telecasters have 14 days to follow these bans or hazard permit denial and indictment. Swinging to the liquor advertisements boycott, Mutua said: “They endeavor to partner medications, liquor, and other illicit substances with sexual ability and, or a glamourous or fruitful way of life.”

With respect to condoms promotions boycott, the National Aids and Control Council, which details strategy on HIV control in Kenya, said it was not counseled before the approval. NACC executive Nduku Kilonzo said now that she knows about the ban she would connect with the movies Board to anticipate smothering of HIV crusades.

“We will take a gander at the particular adverts banned to see whether they are on condom utilization training or condom brand adverts. We will likewise take a gander at how such promoting can be directed without smothering the instruction part,” she said. The National Aids and STI Control Program, likewise an administration office, said it didn’t know about the boycott and would counsel Mutua’s Board.

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There are reasons for alarm banning condom publicizing could influence HIV crusades on the grounds that condoms are the best, least difficult and least expensive approach to secure against sexually transmitted infections. Be that as it may, Nacada executive John Mututho respected the liquor advertisements boycott, saying his organization really exhorted that it done.

He said a portion of the beverages being promoted as “schnaps” were shoddy second-era alcohol banned two months back. He said the advert by London Distillers was deceiving in light of the fact that the organization indicated to claim a TV station, and the beverage being promoted was not even schnaps.

“You can’t blend nourishment quality ethanol, flavor, shading, sugar and water and call it liquor,” Mututho said. London Distillers and East African Breweries guaranteed to return to the Star yet had not done as such when we went press. An authority from Pwani Oil said administrators were in a daylong meeting over the advancement.

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