Turkey, Russia blame game after warplane downing!

Debris of the downed Russian warplane Photo/cnn.com
Debris of the downed Russian warplane Photo/cnn.com

Tension remains high between Turkey and Russia after a Russian warplane was downed by Turkish military on Tuesday. Russian defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said via twitter that Russia will respond to the attack by deploying anti-aircraft missiles in Syria.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Russia of violating his country’s airspace and infringing their sovereignty. Turkey maintained that it had repeatedly warned the Russian warplane before shooting it down . Turkish Prime Minister confirmed that the plane was downed because of ignoring several warnings and violating the airspace.

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin said in a statement on Wednesday that the Sukhoi Su-24 bomber was shot down less than a kilometer from the Turkish-Syrian boarder, implying that the attack was pre-meditated.

The rescued co-pilot Captain Konstantin Murakhtin refuted Turkey’s claims that they were warned seconds before the attack saying that it was not on Radio. Turkey confirmed their side of the story by releasing an Audio-tape with clear recording of the Russian warplane being warned.

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