Do you know fundamentals of Democracy?



Democracy is the rule of the people, for the people and by the people. It is one of the many types of governance in the world. One of the most fundamental essentials of democracy is giving citizens the right to free elections. Free and fair elections give the people an opportunity to choose their leaders by majority rule. The voting system should be fair and the process secret. Aspirants campaign and give their manifesto to voters who will decide who to vote for on the ballot box. There should not be any kind of intimidation from politicians and the voting system must be closely monitored by non-politically affiliated bodies.

Voters need to be educated before the elections. They need to have reasons in electing certain leaders and understand consequences of not electing others. People need to know the method that will be used when voting and practice it beforehand to minimize errors on Election Day.

A democratic nation needs to protect individual rights and limit governmental power. The Bill of Rights is an important feature in a constitution. Citizens need to know their fundamental rights and be taught how they can fight for their right when they are infringed.

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