CCM currently leads in Tanzania’s polls

A Citizen casting his vote on Sunday Photo Credit
A Citizen casting his vote on Sunday Photo Credit

Tanzania’s decision party competitor took an early lead in the East African country’s presidential races after police assaulted an including focus set up by the restriction to screen the vote count.

John Magufuli, why should looking for supplant Jakaya Kikwete as pioneer of Africa’s third-greatest gold maker, is ahead in three of the nation’s 265 voting public, Damian Lubuva, the leader of the Tanzania National Electoral Commission, told columnists Monday in the business capital, Dar es Salaam. Magufuli is running against Edward Lowassa, a previous head administrator who deserted to the restriction in July in the wake of neglecting to secure the bid for the decision Chama Cha Mapinduzi party.

The gathering has additionally won 176 of the 264 parliamentary seats tallied in this way, a pattern that flags triumph for Magufuli, administrator January Makamba told correspondents on Monday. The national get together has 357 seats.

The race has been charged by examiners as the nearest challenge since Tanzania picked up autonomy in 1961 from Britain. The nation has been ruled from that point forward by the same party. Sentiment surveys have varied on which of the two leaders will win the race. The restriction has pledged to dismiss the result in the occasion of vote-gear.

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