Westgate Shopping Mall to re-open on Saturday

Outside view of Westgate Shopping Mall before the siege
Outside view of Westgate Shopping Mall before the siege

Westgate Shopping Mall will re-open on Saturday 18th July 2015 nearly two years after the Al Shabaab Militia stormed in and killed 67 people and injured hundreds.

They held hostages inside the mall on 21st September 2013 in a siege which lasted four days before security personnel swept in.

Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero visited the rebuilt site and encouraged shoppers to forget the past and move on. “They killed our friends and relatives but they did not kill our spirit ” the Governor said as he supervised workers do the finishing touches.

Worldwide brands like Subway and KFC have promised to re open while local ones like Nakumatt have already completed stocking up.

A private Israeli security company by the name I.R.G will ensure safety. Advanced security systems like explosive detectors and luggage X rays together with scanners to check underneath cars have been set. With such security improvements Westgate will be one of the safest malls in the World.

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