All you need to know about Shipwire

Shipwire is a global efulfillment powerhouse that deals with domestic and international shipping. It does swift operations led by a team of passionate, caring, listening and innovative individuals.

How it works
Shipwire will make sure your items or products reach their destination fast, safe and secure. To get started with Shipwire, you need to open your account and pay for the shipping service you choose. Remember that we accept different methods of payment. You will need to send the items to us packed or unpacked (we can also pack it for free).
Every box will need a single tracking number for safety purposes. If you had already packed, no problem, we will just attach the shipping label and tracking number for every single box. We ensure safe and flexible handling of shipments, just as you would have wanted it. Shipping prices vary from one place to another. International shipping incurs a higher billing than Domestic shipping.
Shipwire can also help you store your products. Merchants who use Shipwire enjoy improved sales when they ship goods or products to their customers because of fast and flexible shipping. We also offer an option for optimizing your shipments and also customizing your deliveries.

Shipwire boasts of smooth shipping operations as it has a global network of warehouses. They are built in the state-of-the-art technology to keep products safe and secure. Warehouses use Warehouse Management System (WMS) which integrates with the Shipwire system. In the USA there are warehouses in Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. In Canada, there are two warehouses in Toronto and Vancouver. There are other warehouses in London (UK), Hongkong (China) and Sydney (Australia). Soon new warehouses will be opened in Frankfurt (Germany) and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
During packaging, specific instructions are followed to ensure highest quality standards are attained. Ship orders are processed on the same day and the items reach their destination within a few days. Synchronization of orders saves both time and cost. If the items are shipped domestically, you only need to wait for two days and you will have them. Customers are ensured fast and flexible shipping whether domestic or international. Received items go through a thorough verification process where quality variables are highlighted and product dimensions such as weight are checked electronically. Customers who want to ship products can choose to ship one by one or in bulk.

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Who’s behind Shipwire
1. Damon Schechter is the Chief Executive Officer of Shipwire and responsible for driving vision and strategy of Shipwire together with operations.
2. Eva Robinson is the Vice President, Engineering & Chief Technical Officer. He is responsible for architecture & development of the Shipwire platform.
3. Dan Weiss is the Vice President, Operations. He takes care of operational strategy, roadmap & requirements and the Shipwire platform.
4. Phil Guindi is the vice President, product management. He leads product management specifically product strategy, roadmap and requirements.
5. Nate Gilmore is the vice President; Marketing & business Development specifically channel development, developer network, marketing & public relations.
6. Darwin Stephenson is the Vice President, Sales & Customer Support. He is responsible for customer success in sales, customer care & account management.
7. John Hardman is the vice President, Finance & Administration. He is in charge of finance, accounting, human Resource, information technology, Facilities & risk management.
The management team works in line with Our Corporate Board & Advisors who include;
i. Jean-Francois Van Kerch hove (eBay)
ii. Amine Khechfe (Endicia)
iii. Ivan Hoffman (FedEx Ground)
iv. Glen Meakem (Meakem Becker)
v. David Becker (Meakem Becker)

Our support team works around the clock 24/7 and 365 days a year to ensure high quality customer service delivery. Contact the support team to know how to manage your account, configure & store products, connect to the Shipwire, ship items to customers, customizing your deliveries and distributing your products.

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