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Have you ever heard of Legal Marijuana?

States with legalized medical marijuana
Since marijuana is not a universally accepted for treatment of human ailments and is not accepted in some parts of the world, thus making it illegal under the federal law which prohibits pharmacies from supplying it. Doctors who support medical marijuana usually diagnosis their patients over time and they prescribe it to patients who could benefit from it. Since pharmacies don’t supply it they recommend them to smoke it in terms of aiding in their treatment, after the recommendation they write a letter explaining the patient’s diagnosis and an explanation as to why they choose cannabis as treatment. Patients keep this letter close at hand with some keeping it with them at all times to avoid being under arrest.
Patients are required to keep the letter so long as they are under treatment, as long as the doctor’s approval is valid. Not all doctor’s have the license to offer this recommendation only those that are registered under the medical marijuana organization though controversy arise in this matter because some doctors who do not even advocate for this or those who are not registered do it for money.

Marijuana is not usually given out at a conventional pharmacy and these make patients who rely on it to plant it like any other crop in their gardens or turn to a caregiver for their supplies. There are others who approach dispensaries that are legal depending on the legislation of that country. These dispensaries sometimes call themselves cannabis clubs or even co-operatives while others take up names that denotes health, physical therapy,caregiving etc.Dispensaries usually themselves collectives , a term which refers to a members club whereby they claim to be the one growing the marijuana as a members who happen to be the patients.

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Critics claim that many suppliers or the dispensaries don’t grow their own, they buy marijuana illegally and are open to abuse by people who don’t need marijuana for medical reason rather it for pleasure thus creating a black market or what they normally refers to gray economy for marijuana suppliers.

Once a patient has a valid recommendation letter, he/she can join a dispensary as a member whereby they can purchase a variety of herbal marijuana and numerous marijuana-based products and prepared foods e.g. chocolate, cakes, cookies, butter, coffee, smothies and other forms available. Basically marijuana has no standard dosage recommendation for intake and this leaves the gap whereby the patients are the ones whore are supposed to regulate their own intake hence controversy arises because any medication without a prescription it termed as poison or drug abuse.

A part from smoking marijuana or taking marijuana laced foods, there is also another method of its intake refereed to us vaporization. This is where marijuana is burned using a vaporizer device that burns it at a lower temperature than when it is smoked. The vaporizer is considered safe because it releases the THC from the plan thus it burns and produces fewer harmful by products.

Finally, the matter of legal supply of marijuana has lend to the adoption of vending machines that dispenses marijuana product the same way as sodas, candies etc.These machines are strictly controlled by installation of security guards and patients access them using an ID provided by the dispensaries. The access is further controlled in term of how much a patient can spend on these medicines.

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In conclusion to avoid all these controversy a well cut guideline on the legality of supplying marijuana should be provided to give a clear way on how the matter should be addressed globally.

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