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Do the Chinese remember McDonald’s Food Scandal?

This modern age of technology has seen many people in big cities rely on fast foods as they are often busy and want to buy ready products. This has led to the establishment of many fast food joints and restaurants across the globe. Recently, a scandal hit two of China’s biggest fast food outlets, McDonald and KFC.

A state owned broadcaster in China reported that a supplier sold expired beef and chicken to McDonalds’s and KFC. The supplier was identified as Husi Food Co. Ltd, which is owned by OSI Group of Aurora III. Husi was ordered to suspend all its operations until investigations will be completed. The supplying Company is being investigated for repackaging stale beef and chicken, and also putting new expiration dates on them. This is obviously against McDonald’s food safety standards.

China has been on the spotlight for some time as food scandals are on the rise. Many people have fallen ill or lost their lives as a result of food safety issues as the milk products scandal of 2008. In December 2013, it was reported that poultry suppliers had violated rules on drugs in Chickens. These drugs make chicken grow big for sale within a few days.

Though KFC is one of the biggest restaurants in China with over 4000 outlets, its name together with McDonald’s has been tainted with the scandal. McDonald’s sales reduced by 37 % after the food scandal as many customers stay away from the restaurant and prefer to eat in foreign ones. McDonald’s and KFC released separate statements that they are both conducting own investigations.

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McDonald’s and KFC have dominated China’s food market and provided fierce competition to foreign restaurants. But after the recent revelations, customers are keen to try out different food products from other joints. Both restaurants have strict rules when it comes to food safety and could term the scandal simply as an accident though it has tarnished their reputation.

Foreign restaurants now have an opportunity to establish their names but it may just be a matter of time before McDonald’s and KFC are back on their feet. The best thing that they did was apologizing to their customers which can be termed as a good move. Let’s wait and see if the investigations will shed a new light into the saga.

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