Find out why modern smokers are turning to E- cigs

E cig
E –cigs have been widely used by modern smokers since their launch by International Vapor Group. The latest product of the company, Vapor Zone is better than South Beach Smoke & Ever Smoke in terms of design and user friendliness. It comes with a “cigalike” starter kit which is easy for starters to use.

The vapor zone E-cigarette has an express kit and a rebel variable voltage telescoping mode. A VaporFi (formerly known as vapor zone) E-cig has a maximum of six standard starter kits. I find this reasonable as vapers of different experience levels will feel accommodated. A Pro starter E-cig kit is unique because it can be upgraded without having to purchase extra parts. It also has an option of a clearomizer. The vaper has the ability to make a choice for the battery color. Vapor zone rebel kit is quite expensive because it is made of stainless steel and comes with an advanced personal vaporizer designed with a digital display and different adjustment points.

The E-cig is packaged in a white and green cardboard box to portray how it is environmental friendly. Packaging is influenced so much by the size and design of the vapor. The top layer is made of a micro foam tray with batteries and a cartomizer. Underneath the layer there is one or two boxes (this depends on the kit) that contain a charging equipment, replacement atomizer heads and an instruction manual for starters.

A vapor zone pro E-cig kit comes with a standard 650 mAh battery. I upgraded mine to 1000 mAh. This kit also has a Pro-L cartomizer. The vapor zone pulse kit is hi-tech as it has two high powered 750 mAh batteries that are black in color. I can recommend this kit for chain smokers due to the high voltage in general. It has an LCD counter and a battery meter. Its two top-coil clearomizers have tanks and black mouthpieces that can be turned on and off. It charges vertically with magnets on a sleek rounded base.

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E- Liquid flavor
Vapor zone E- Liquid is usually sold in 30 ML clear plastic bottles with a thin dripping neck. It is labeled clear with nicotine content instructions, ingredients and warnings. The best thing with E-Liquid flavor is that you can customize your own flavor from more than sixty know flavors. E- Liquids’ quality is high as it is made in the United States’ FDA regulation laboratory. I found the E-Liquid flavor smooth.

• Has refillable clearomizers
• Long lasting battery
• E-Liquid blends can be customized
• Smooth flavor
• Consistent vapor production

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