The 2013 General Election was a heated political battle ground as both the Jubilee and Cord coalitions took centre stage to campaign for their Manifesto. Uhuru Kenyatta had merged with William Ruto to form the Jubilee coalition under the code name UHURUTO while Raila Odinga joined forces with Stephen Kalonzo to form the Cord coalition under the name RAILONZO.

The new Kenyan Constitution inaugurated in 2010 stipulated that a presidential candidate will be declared winner of the general election after clinching the 50% + 1 mark. March 4th came and after tabulation of provincial and national results, IEBC chair, Mr. Isaak Hassan declared Uhuru Kenyatta the elected president and provided him with a winning certificate.

Raila Odinga was quick to complain that he had been rigged of a second victory. The IEBC chair had suggested that whoever is not satisfied with the result should go to the Supreme Court and appeal. Cord was quick to bring together their best lawyers and appealed before the set time was over. Supreme Court president Dr. Willy Mutunga set days for the case to be heard and the verdict announced. After the six Supreme Court judges elected to handle the case voted, many were in favor of swearing in elected president Uhuru Kenyatta than have an election re-run which would cost the country a whooping 6 billion shillings. Raila Odinga stressed that he was rigged but decided to concede defeat and obey the courts decision for the well-being of the country.

On April 9th 2013, Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as Kenya’s 4th President at Safaricom Stadium, Kasarani, Nairobi. The Jubilee government took office and to get the wheels rolling .On the other hand, Cord decided to fulfill their constitution mandate of keeping the government on check. More than a year after the election, Kenya has gone through terror threats and attacks. Cord leaders have been faulting the government for high cost of living, corruption, rising insecurity and slowness in fulfilling their promises to Kenyans.

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Raila Odinga had tried to call the government for a dialogue severally but in vain. He decided to do it the hard way, the only way. The Jubilee government is now under pressure from Cord principals who are now pushing for a referendum; through collection of a million signatures dubbed Okoa Kenya Initiative to amend the constitution. Governors led by their chairperson Hon. Isaac Ruto are now pushing for a similar initiative called Pesa Mashinani which compels the national government to increase funding for the county government.

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