Will Kenya officiate Digital Migration before the deadline?

Any clue on the significance of 17th June 2015? It is the last day for the switch off of the analogue television signals world wide. In the year 2006, Kenya and other countries worldwide signed a treaty at the Conclusion of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regional Radio Communication Conference in Geneva. This treaty signaled the development of all digital terrestrial broadcast services.

All countries will be required to switch to digital signal broadcasting before the deadline because operation of the analogue signals afterwards will cause interference to digital stations within a region or country. This will be contrary to the agreed terns in the treaty and ITU radio regulations which control international use of frequencies.

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that all major stakeholders including the ICT Ministry, digital Kenya Secretariat and the communication Authority of Kenya to dialogue and agrees on a specific switch off date so that all parties can be satisfied. Digital migration will have massive benefits to Kenyans as they will enjoy crystal clear video and audio television reception. There will also be growth in the number of free-to-air channels.

Compiled by Alex Mwaura

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