Is Kenya a drinking Nation? Top 10 World’s drinking Nations

Kenyan’s are arguably a drinking Nation. This is because of their “love for the bottle” even though they didn’t make it on CNN’s report released on March last year. A new survey by WHO shows that 35.4 % of country’s population take alcohol. 600 litres are consumed per year by 12 million daily consumers and 15 million regular consumers. NACADA Chair, John Mututho also added that 70% of alcohol produced in East Africa is consumed by Kenyans.
Below is CNN’s report done on March last year showing World’s top 10 drinking Nations.
1. Great Britain
2. China
3. Russia
4. France
5. Ecuador
6. Moldova
7. South Korea
8. Uganda
9. Germany
10. Australia
Article Courtesy of Nairobi Wire

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