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Pros and cons of Freelancing Online

A freelancer is a person who is self employed or works for several employers on particular assignments. Usually a freelancer is not committed to a particular employer for a long-term. Freelancing online involves selling services to employers for a given period of time. In this modern world, many people are turning to freelancing online for many reasons. Like every other career, challenges are many before one becomes successful.

Before venturing into freelancing online business, it is good to understand which job category you will specialize in. This should be inline with your special skills, talents and career. Notable fields in freelancing online include academic writing, transcribing, video editing, graphic designing, copy writing, virtual assistance and web designing among many others.

There are a number of advantages associated with freelancing online. Many people are tired of being ordered around in their offices by their bosses. They are subjected to physical pressure and humiliation in order to complete a certain task or assignment on time. Freelancing online helps freelancers become their own bosses. They now have self confidence and gain control of their work and time. With no one to order and restrict them around, freelancers have an unlimited presence online where they can do their freelancing without any limit. There is no time wastage of moving from the house to the office.

A good freelancer specializes in one main job. Specializing helps in getting specific clients. For instance one can specialize in Academic Writing as the main job. This will make potential employers get you instantly through your profile. Don’t pretend to be a jack of all trades and a master of none! You can list up to three jobs but emphasize on the main one.

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Freelancing online is very flexible s one can work from the comfort of his living room. You can do assignments for people who are million miles away. This emphasizes interaction, networking and widens the job market. Clients will come calling from different countries worldwide. You just need to have a desktop computer or laptop, have a good internet connection and a universal method of payment, preferably PayPal.

With freelancing online, there is no earning limit. You can make whatever amount in a day depending on the quantity of job you get. The bigger the task, the more you earn. You will need to decide on which currency to get paid through depending on your employer. Many freelancing websites use the US dollar as the default payment currency although some may pay in Sterling pounds or Euros. This can sometimes be set manually as to which currency you prefer.
The best thing with online freelancing is that every time you do a particular job, you learn a new thing. Sometimes freelancers are given difficult assignments which call for an intense research on the internet. At the end of it all, they gather valuable knowledge through the research.

Every thing that has advantages must have disadvantages. Freelancing online needs a lot of patience and humility before it finally pays off. Don’t venture into it if you are not yet decided. Freelancers have a hard time to get the capital required in order to start their own professional blogs and websites. They have limited resources when starting up and may be forced to quit.

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There are two types of freelancers, amateur freelancers and professional freelancers. It is very difficult for amateur freelancers to build a reputation. They have to study the art and do a couple of practical tasks before mastering all fields. This makes it hard for them to get clients. They may become frustrated and give up.
There is a stiff competition in the freelancing industry. Without stable ground of special skills, freelancers may find themselves in dark corners wondering why others are making thousands of dollars while they drown in poverty.

Freelancing online may be strenuous when the workload is high. Freelancers often find themselves struggling to beat deadlines and deliver their assignments on time in order to get paid. Sometimes the workload is not reliable and freelancers make irregular incomes.
Freelancing is also difficult as there are no guilds for freelancers. This means that freelancers are not allocated benefits or any legal protection when employers refuse to pay them. Freelancers have to take the risk of working without knowing if they will be remunerated.

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