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Misuse of sex pills

se pills
I was listening to a conversation this morning on EASY FM with Angela Angwenyi, Dr. Edward Abuor and Lydia. It was about how teens and youths in and out of school misuse sex pills.

It is sad to say that nowadays girls fear being pregnant than HIV/AIDS. They indulge in unprotected sex though they know that they will access morning after pills. Women are pushing men to the wall by expecting them to be extra powerful in bed. This leaves men without any choice but to look for sex pills. They want to protect their ego by satisfying women in bed.

What many youths don’t know is that these sex pills have extreme side effects which include increasing the chances of a heart attack, stroke, having a blurred vision, nausea, breathlessness, drug dependency and barrenness in women. Sex pills are easily purchased in chemists countrywide as over-the-counter drugs, making them very accessible. If you are planning to use sex pills, then consider the consequences first.

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