Making money through Rabbit keeping.

A rabbit eating grass[Photo by google]
Many Kenyan youths make a foul cry over lack of employment.Many of them wait for the white collar jobs hence snubbing manual labour.However,Martin Kemboi,a Gilgil residence from Teachers A Estate is different.After finishing high school last year,he didn’t find any available job and decided to venture into the Rabbit keeping business. “I wanted to employ myself and be my own manager.I also found out that this business doesn’t require a lot of capital to start”,says Kemboi. In an interview with,he shared some of his secrets in running the business.”I keep my Rabbits in a well ventilated and spacious hutch.I do cleaning thoroughly and provide the rabbits with fibre rich diet like grass,weeds,some flowers and other plant material”. He reiterated that rabbits should have at least 4 hours to free roam,but under supervision because of predators. “I sell one rabbit for Sh 800”,he added.

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