53 Organic Living Tips

Faucet water contains fluoride in all 50 states. Purchase a reverse osmosis filter to remove it. A Britta filter won’t be enough. Chlorine in water will evaporate after a few hours. Just leave it in a filter or jug in your fridge overnight. Though Nalgene bottles are BPA-free, they’ve been found to leech other chemicals. […]

Health & Nutrition

41 Health Tips

  Most people are dehydrated (especially in winter areas where you have to heat your home) so do drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Got a headache? Try drinking a couple of glasses of water first before reaching for the aspirin. Inhaling and drinking a cup of black coffee can help stop mild asthma attacks […]


41 Cooking Tips

  Never sear meat in a non-stick pan: It won’t brown nicely – you may end up with splotchy, grey meat. Never heat non-stick pans past the manufacturer’s instructions (or past medium heat, if you no longer have the instructions). When cooking crock pot meat, sear first.  Use meat with the highest fat marbling to […]