The 20 Richest Footballers in the World

Football is a very lucrative sport that is played in over 200 countries worldwide. With more than 250 million people playing this sport, football is also one of the most watched sports nowadays. Given its popularity, there’s no doubt that many footballers were able to snatch millions of dollar worth of contracts with some sports […]


Little known football statistics

📊📊There were nine passes in the build up to Carlos Alberto Torres’ goal against Italy in the 1970 World Cup final – this remains the most in the build-up to a goal in a World Cup final since 1966. 📊📊Brazil’s Jairzinho completed 47 dribbles at the 1970 World Cup – since 1966, only Diego Maradona […]


Football’s 10 biggest ‘losers’

1. Javier Mascherano So, yes, Mascherano might have won 20 major honours in his career, but he also represents a generation of frustration for his country and he won’t be the last Argentine on the list. The long-time Barcelona player has lost a staggering 11 finals – one more than Lionel Messi, by the way […]


Top 10 Biggest Stadiums in the World

No. Stadium Seating capacity Country City Home team(s) 1 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium ♦ 114,000[1] PRK Pyongyang Korea DPR national football team 2 AT&T Stadium ♦ 105,000[2] USA Arlington, Texas 3 Melbourne Cricket Ground 100,024 AUS Melbourne Australia national soccer team 4 Camp Nou ♦ 99,354[3] ESP Barcelona FC Barcelona 5 FNB Stadium ♦ […]


7 amazing facts about Desert Locusts

1. Desert Locusts (Schistocerca gregaria) are swarming short-horned grasshoppers in the family Acrididae. 2. They are the most devastating migratory pests found in Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania), Middle East and Southwestern Asia. 3. They travel in swarms of 150 million, and eat food that can be eaten by 35 000 people in a […]